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Additive manufacturing can provide a wide range of production and design solutions in the automotive world.

Allowing engineers to create and deign components in a way that were not before possible. Additive manufacturing can create parts that are lighter, stronger and more durable.

Making 1 off parts faster then conventional machining, can give massive advantages in testing and product development, as well as limited run production parts.

Weight Reduction

  • Create hollow sections inside components
  • Make internal low-density structures in fill areas that do not need to be solid
  • Use less material by eliminating where it is not needed; even in hard to reach or see places
  • Create parts more suited to the requirement
  • A greater flexibility in materials eg. Lighter or stronger

Strength optimization

  • A larger range of materials
  • The ability to create ribbing or structures in places where previously not possible
  • Component geometry better suited to their conditions
  • Faster prototype production for better product development

Manufacturing speed

  • Faster one-off item productions
  • Fast turn-around for design concept
  • Faster turnaround for test parts and prototyping
  • Ability to test in different materials and build orientations
  • Low volume custom part capability

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