In military developing the right equipment is a matter of life and death. Additive manufacturing offers super fast prototype production that allows better and faster testing to deliver more reliable military components.

Additive manufacturing allows the creation of parts in a matter of hours, allowing military equipment to have the least down-time possible.

Cutting edge technology gives our soldiers a crucial advantage on the battle field. Additive manufacturing is being used in a large range of military applications from state of the art weaponry and armour to high tech surveillance drones. Additive manufacturing gives super-fast part turn around as well as the ability to develop and adapt components to the military environment.

3d metal printing Defence industry

Rapid Part Production

  • On demand replacement parts for existing machinery
  • Quicker turnaround on prototypes
  • Less development costs
  • Low volume production parts

Research and Development

  • Faster testing parts
  • Many materials available
  • Capability to develop geometries that were not previously possible

Using New Geometry

  • New geometry capability allowing the improvement of already existing equipment
  • Removing material where it is not needed
  • Internal low density section to improve weight properties

Lighter Parts

  • Internal low density design capability to reduce weight and use less material
  • More efficient vehicles and aircraft
  • Less infantry fatigue

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