Dental Industry


The Dental industry deals with unique geometries with every patient. Generally these geometries are formed and repaired by hand, in the form of a filling or replacing teeth.

Additive Manufacturing gives the technician the ability to replicate the patients’ exact tooth profile, as well as make all associated fixings.

Everyone’s teeth are different so every dental solution is unique. Additive Manufacturing has the capability to make many one off parts. At the same time, making a perfect technology; for dental applications.

The creation of custom parts mean less time spent in surgery, decreasing recovery time and cost. This high precision process will also create a perfect replacement for existing teeth, reducing discomfort for the patient.

Custom Parts

  • Custom geometry to suit patients exact needs
  • Ability to change parts when needed
  • Custom fixings
  • Many materials available
  • Scan and build capability

Medical Material

  • A range of medical materials available
  • Titanium
  • Cobalt Chromium

Projects Examples

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