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Amiga Engineering Pty celebrated it’s 30th year in 2018. Established in 1988, Amiga Engineering has grown from a small CNC machine shop, to a full blown versatile facility with new Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory.

The company started as a pipe fitting and flange machine shop, and later grew to acquire two more business’ “Bradley Technologies Group” – a precision machining company and “Genat and Wood” the only Australian Made inline helical industrial gearbox brand. Amiga Engineering whole heartedly support Australian manufacturing, as the company is also a an SME and proudly an Australian company.

Keeping Australian product alive and supporting local business, Managing Director and Owner, Michael Bourchier, began researching innovative technology that can lift industry in and around Australia. Metal Additive Manufacturing (also known as Metal 3D Printing) is key. New skill and knowledge, along with equipment was introduced into the company, along with a skilfully built laboratory within the Tullamarine based factory.

Two ProX DMP 320 Metal printers have been installed, with support from 3D Systems/Konica Minolta. One SLM280H printer has also been installed. Amiga Engineering is currently the only privately owned service bureau in Australia for Metal 3d printing. The only company providing the service to the public and at a commercial level.

31+ years in Australian Manufacturing and still pumping is a massive accomplishment in the economy today, and Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd is welcoming new technology into our country; looking forward to providing a broader service and capability to new and existing customers – as well as research and development for other industries excited by this technology.

Materials available for Metal 3d printing are Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, 718 Inconel, Aluminium and H13 Tool Steel

Amiga Engineering was honoured in being awarded top 3 for the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2019. The company has also made it to the top 10 in Australia for the Defence Australia Industry awards for manufacturing.