Durable Goods Manufacture

Durable Goods

Additive Engineering has the ability to print in a range of materials that suit durable applications. Conventional manufacturing can find it hard to cut materials that are over a certain hardness or toughness

Metal 3D printing does not have this problem; making it possible to print in extremely hard materials, making it perfect for high wearing components

Additive manufacturing can produce components of any hardness or shape. This has huge advantages when it comes to the creation of hard or high tensile parts.

The process has been used to reproduce features on already existing parts or bond like materials together to create more desirable properties, improving already existing parts.

Hard Metal

  • The ability to print in Hard materials
  • The ability to print in Tough materials
  • Re-coat in like materials with different materials

Re-Coating Parts

  • Rebuild features on existing parts
  • Coat existing surfaces with harder materials for impact or bearing surfaces


  • Create super strong geometry’s that were previously not possible
  • Print in Hard and tuff materials
  • Print on existing parts

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