Medical and Health Industry

Refined Intricate Strong metal 3d printing

Everyone is different and every medical solution requires a custom/tailored solution

Additive Manufacturing has the ability to create one-off custom parts in a matter of hours; this makes it perfect for the modern day Medical industry

With the use of scan data, technicians can create custom parts that fit patients individual needs exactly.

When people’s lives are on the line, medical institutions need fast and reliable solutions.

Additive Manufacturing can produce a part in a matter of hours. These parts are often one-off and custom designed for each patient.

With the ability to use MRI and other scanning equipment to create parts that fit the patient’s exact needs, Additive Manufacturing offers the ability to create parts that will not only meet the patients’ needs but can also create tools and fixtures used in medical procedures all in a wide range of medical grade materials.

This is the absolute latest in production; for the most important people, the patients.

Metal 3d knee parts

Custom Parts

  • The ability to create one-off custom parts to suit the patients’ exact needs
  • One-off parts made in a matter of hours for urgent surgeon requirements (dependent on finishing required)
  • Jig and fixture manufacture used in surgery

Medical Grade Materials

Grade 23 Titanium (Ti6AI4V Gr. 23)

Suitable for Medical Devices, Bio-compatible implantable, Osseointegration textures, Complex Structural Designs


Pre-operative Planning, Surgical Kits, USP Class Vi, Autoclavable

Stainless Steel 316L

Custom Surgical Instruments, Surgical Fixations, Drill guides

Part Geometry

  • Custom parts to fit the exact patients’ requirements
  • The ability to create geometry to fit and bond to body parts (by using osseointegration textures)
  • Adjustable strength in geometry to replicate the body’s needs
  • Less operating time due to correct part fitment

Medical Jigs & Tooling

  • The creation of medical cutting guides and fixtures
  • Custom prosthetics, orthotics
  • Custom surgical instruments

Below is a grade 23 Titanium Metal 3d printed bottom jaw; for a patient who was diagnosed with bone cancer. Perfect example of customisation metal printing to suit an individual.

jaw bone front metal 3d
jaw bone back metal 3d

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Medical metal 3d printing
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