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Intricate styles and designs are what make up the Jewellery industry – along with extravagant and also the ‘simple but elegant’.

Jewellery calls for decorative patterns and ideas, which works perfectly with Metal 3D Printing. A basis can be printed for later materials and embellishments added, or the final and finished product can be printed custom.

Multifaceted and complicated parts can easily and swiftly be 3D Printed, compared to a tradition method of jewellery manufacture.

Wedding rings

Additive Manufacturing allows better geometries and low volume production, perfect for the custom/one off special item for that perfect someone.

3D printed Titanium Ti6Al4V Gr. 23 is perfect for jewellers looking to create complexities and details previously unachievable in precious and semi-precious metals; with light weight and high strength characteristics this allows jewellers to implement very thin wall sections and details inconceivable via alternate methods. Going for an oversized statement ring or intricate lattice design becomes ergonomic and wearable due to the lightweight and high strength properties of the Ti6Al4V Gr. 23 material. This incredibly durable material is very comfortable to wear, with a great deal of
permanency and bio-compatibility (it’s actually also used in medical implantable to mimic bone).

metal 3d jewellry

Once a polish is implemented the Titanium retains its finish for much longer that silver or gold due to the hardness of the material, this also makes it perfect for jewellery that requires longevity such as a wedding band.

Our precision build settings pick up even the finest details, 0.3 mm of supported detail can be achieved. Our precision build settings also mean that the overall finish of the design straight from the build requires minimal finishing when compared to castings.

Metal 3D Printed ring bases for Carl Noonan (Printed by Amiga Engineering)

Carl Noonan Titanium printed rings

Click here to be taken to Carl Noonans website to see his final and finished products

Weight Reduction

  • Create hollow sections inside components
  • Make internal low-density structures in fill areas that do not need to be solid
  • Use less material by eliminating where it is not needed; even in hard to reach or see places
  • Create parts more suited to the requirement
  • A greater flexibility in materials eg. Lighter or stronger

Strength optimization

  • A larger range of materials
  • The ability to create extravagant and intricate designs
  • Component geometry better suited to their conditions
  • Faster prototype production for better product development

Manufacturing speed

  • Faster one-off item productions
  • Fast turn-around for design concept
  • Faster turnaround for test parts and prototyping
  • Ability to test in different materials and build orientations
  • Low volume custom part capability

Projects Examples

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Metal 3d Printed jewellery

The above parts are straight from our Metal 3D printer, still attached to the build plate where our operator will remove the pieces from the supports. Chain mail pictured, designed and printed for bracelets and made entirely out of titanium are extremely light weight but extremely strong and virtually unbreakable. The rings will be polished up for a shiny finish.

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