3D Metal Printing Services

Metal 3d printing for you

You think it, dream it, draw it, design it….and we can print it. The company is Australia’s only metal 3d printing service bureau available commercially and to the public. We have 3 large industrial sized printers installed in our Tullamarine based factory. The lab was skilfully built in-house and saw it’s first printer land in early 2018.

brake caliper

3D metal printing for medical industry

Metal 3D Printed Turbine Section

Reverse Engineering

You may have a part that is no longer available – such as a vintage/classic automotive component, customized piece from a company that is no longer around; this is the perfect opportunity to have the part reverse engineered. We offer this service to customers as a package if required.

Please note, there is a cost involved and is dependent on each individual’s sample/part.

Accurate Measuring


The company proudly has a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) perfect for an accurate measurement of a product/item. The most common explanation of a CMM is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe. Note when an item is on a taper – the measurement needs to be carried out on a flat/straight section to be absolute. This service is offered as an extra for a 3d printed or machined part if required.

Specific Finishing


Some say a jacket can complete an outfit – this is the same for a manufactured item; the perfect finish might be what makes a final piece. With a newly built ‘finishing’ room, the company has the capability of finishing to a customers’ requirement. Mirror finish polishing, media blasting, support structures still in tact for clients to finish themselves – this is all available. Please advise at time of quoting so we can provide you with what you want.

Family crest ring

Metal 3D Printed Titanium Bottle Opener

Design Optomisation


Also known as Topological Optimisation, additive manufacturing is the perfect way in keeping strength and integrity of a part, whilst reducing the ‘unused/unwanted’ sections of material. A perfect example is a project that we worked on with The Design Technology Company (based in Port Melbourne). For more information on this click here to be redirected to our Projects tab.

design optomisation

Pannier bracket on Fuselage

Carl Noonan Titanium printed rings

Design Help


You may find yourself with an idea and have created some CAD for your item to be printed, but are not sure if it is a suitable file or finished design to be able to be printed. If this is the case, you can send us what you have, and we can quote on tweaking your design so that it can be 3d metal printed.

We also have a design guide with some helpful hints and information on what a design requires to for metal additive manufacturing this can be found here

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