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The latest in metal additive manufacturing is unlocking a whole new world of opportunity for the automotive industry.

From faster testing to better more durable and light weight componentry. Giving designers more freedom to crate and optimise individual components.

Additive manufacturing can change the shape of the modern automotive industry.



With thousands of hours of research and development in every part, the aerospace industry settles for nothing but the best.

Additive manufacturing allows faster testing, better geometry’s and low volume production. Perfect for the high demands of todays aerospace industry.



When people’s lives are on the line medical institutions need fast reliable solutions.

Additive manufacturing can produce a part in a matter of hours. These parts are often one off and custom designed for each patient.

With the ability to use MRI and other scanning equipment to create parts that fit the patient’s exact needs, additive manufacturing offers the ability

to create parts that will not only meet the patients’ needs but can also create tools and fixtures used in medical procedures all in a wide range of medical grade materials. The absolute latest in production for the most important people, the patients.



Everyone’s teeth are different so every dental solution is unique. Additive manufacturing has the capability to make many one off parts. At the same time making a perfect technology for dental applications. The creation of custom parts mean less time spent in surgery, decreasing recovery time and cost. This high precision process well also create a perfect replacement for existing teeth reducing discomfort for the patient

Durable goods


Additive manufacturing can produce components of any hardness or shape. This has huge advantages when it comes to the creation of hard or high tensile parts.

The process has been used to reproduce features on already existing parts or bond like materials together to create more desirable properties, improving already existing parts.



Cutting edge technology gives our soldiers a crucial advantage on the battle field. Additive manufacturing is being used in a large range of military applications from state of the art weaponry and armour to high tech surveillance drones. Additive manufacturing gives super-fast part turn around as well as the ability to develop and adapt components to the military environment.

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